Throughout his career Victor embraced every project with enthusiasm & professionalism.  No matter the event or audience he brings a level of focus, drive & humor that’s infectious. 

Undenably Unique


Victor Fable is the Principle Designer and and owner of Victor Fable Lighting,  one of Southern California’s premier Lighting Design Firms.  Originally from New York City, Victor Fable is one of the industries most recognized lighting designers  His versatile design style delivers fresh and energetic visions.       
For more than 20 years, Victor has designed numerous highly visible television events. From talk to music he has made his mark as a go to designer.  


Inspiring the imagination, with a vision that cannot be taught, and must be personally experienced.


When it comes to lighting, looks do matter.
Regardless of the event, lighting can make or break your success.  In today’s social media environment the event you do will last forever.

Trust the plan in place.... but prepare for everything else